What is there to know about worms? Dan and An’s Worm Farm is here to teach you.

Worms are these creepy, crawly insects that like to live in the ground, they love dirt, and they are really good for your plants.

Some people eat worms, and so do other animals. Worms can be very good for protein, and they are in no shortage of supply. Just dig a hole in the ground, and you should be able to find quite a few worms. Birds like to eat worms, and the worms make it easy for the birds when it is raining as they come to the surface since the rain allows them to travel distances at a much quicker pace.

You can also use worms for fishing as aquatic creatures like fish like to eat worms, so you could use the fish as bait and put a worm on a hook, cast a line out on your fishing pole and possibly reel in a large fish.

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